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Balloon Stock

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Welcome Balloon ArtistsDo you know this situation - you are in a gig. A kids asks for a yellow sword and you are out of yellow balloons?
How emberassing.How unproffesional.
If the shipment of balloons was for free this would never happen. You would have made a reservation as soon as your stock goes down.
But what if... what if you could:manage your balloon stock in one safe location, on your phone, and see exactly what is about to run out?ORwhat if you could have a place to write what is missig for you, and with a click of a button create an order to the balloon provider you already work with?OR evenwhat if you are working on a big project and wants to put the list of items to buy in one place.
All of that is possible with the Balloon Stock app - a proffesional tool for the proffesional Balloon Artist.
Main features*Search by text - including time saving auto-complete *Filter results - show only 260q, twister balloons, only rounds or all balloons!*Search by Color - with a tap of your finger you can spot what is missing for you in a visual way. *Quantity control - select how many bags you need for each color*Free text addition - if you can't find an item in the inventory - feel free to add it manually. I am sure your balloon provider will get it.* Settings - set your own email and your balloon provider's email (optional) to allow better use of the big SEND button* Send and forget - choose whether to delete the cart items after sending it to your email* Monitoring - all of your balloon lists that are sent are also backed up in our email servers - how awesome is that?
Do you see a need for additional features? Me too!To talk about it please mail me at
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